Is World of Warcraft setting us up for an additional expansion?

  • I received some exciting spoilers this morning so I just needed to log on PTR to determine for myself as long as they were legitimate. Here is what I found. Just another reminder before reading on PTR is made for testing the steadiness of gameplay elements before releasing them amongst players so there could possibly be spoilers ahead.

    First off, I logged in to determine you can fight Argus the Unmaker by obtaining a group from the custom group finder, this fight develops in a chamber that Warmane Gold helped me think of Ulduar to use design. It is called the Seat in the Pantheon ( shown above ) which I believe is usually a glimpse of what on earth is to come. It gets more exciting, so bear by himself.

    Here, we'll trap Sargeras in stasis, (stop his flow of one's energy, thus preventing the rapid flow of demons on Azeroth ) In order to do this, a sacrifice should be made and both Illidan and also the pantheon lock themselves in stasis ( sacrificing themselves?)  Just before Sargaras enters into stasis, he does an issue that has not been done since much earlier from the days of World of Warcraft, he stabs Azeroth.

    Last time this came about was when Aman’thul, Sargaras’ brother no less, obtained Y-Shaarj from the head and slammed him into Azeroth and creating a lot damage the Gods do not do that again simply because could possibly end the globe.

    Silithus has gotten a direct blow and has now affected your entire zone,  causing the entire world’s soul being wounded, causing her blood to Warmane Gold for sale seep out into your area, Kadghar informs us.