World of Warcraft Raid Bosses Recreated As Pokemon Gameboy Spri

  • World of Warcraft players have a few months to look until Battle for Azeroth arrives in August, however they are keeping plenty busy analyzing every leaked detail from test servers fo the time being. Some of the information which the community already knows involves upcoming raid bosses and something fan used those details as inspiration for the little Pokemon crossover art.

    Spoiler warning how the rest of this post can provide a preview about a few of the big bads that can play an integral role within the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth story. If you don’t mind knowing who the Warmane Gold for sale raid bosses are, then do read on…

    The Uldir raid will include a handful of bosses for horde and alliance members to defeat and assets have been completely released because of these enemies. A WoW fan took those assets and recreated them from the style of Gameboy Advanced Pokemon sprites. The results were pretty awesome (and blurry).

    The WoW Reddit community did actually agree the sprites looked awesome, but a debate quickly erupted about whether or not they actually appeared as if Pokemon GBA sprites. The creator explained that they changed the border shading color include them as pop somewhat more and downscaled the enemies’ given colors, instead of using the palette of Pokemon colors. Either way, they still look pretty awesome.

    As the production of BFA draws closer, we expect more excitement to construct and more fan created content to reach you. Check back for Warmane Gold updates between now along with the expansion’s release.