Battlemage Keep Bundle

  • Wizard101's newest bundle will be here and it (literally) takes players to new heights. Supplying a castle on the horizon, the Battlemage Keep Bundle is $39 and just available at GameStop.

    Due for an initial misprint about the bundle card, players who may have already bought the bundle ingested an additional 2,500 crowns.

    The Battlemage Keep castle is unusually huge. All of the property's space is stacked vertically - officially thus, making this castle the tallest within the entire game. The towering fortress comes with Aura Kingdom Gold for sale a couple secret passageways and a lot of rooms to save housing items. One of those hidden pathways holds a cauldron giving players a regular gift. If you go ALL the way up in the castle, you will find a portal that may take you to your duel circle nested even further to the clouds. It's excellent for PvP parties ... just don't look down. Lastly, the house supplies a private fishing pond where players can catch the Guard Doodlefish, a fish which could only be caught in the Battlemage Keep.

    This bundle's mount is interesting to put it mildly. It's a dinosaur-type-thing which includes ... no ... arms? I'm still wanting to figure it out really. The mid-sized mount is dyeable, provides normal +40% speed boost, and offers a 2% damage boost.

    The Wargoyle pet is just an adorable chubby dragon that sneezes flamesnot once in a while. I know that sounds disgusting, and yes it probably is, but somehow he pulls it. The Wargoyle pet is Buy Aura Kingdom Gold balance, includes a 73 starting pedigree, and has a Berserk card. Its starting stats are decent (everything at or over 225) and possesses quite a few potential epics to use pool.