Aura Kingdom: Revealed beta release date closed in Portuguese

  • Aura Kingdom, a well known MMORPG dropped at us by Aeria Games along with a completely visual anime, enter a closed beta about the AK Gold 6th November for the fully localized version in Portuguese.

    To celebrate, Aeria Games has released a conversation with X-Legend , the sport developer, says how the main motivations and inspirations Taiwanese studio. A number of events are scheduled for several days following the start of beta test. After cleansing the server, outside beta will commence on 11 November.

    The available classes may also be revealed now on Facebook, Twitter plus the official website. Eleven classes will likely be available at launch, comprising three groups. While the Guardian, Duelist, Ravager and Swordsman use body arms to your body, including swords, blades and axes; the Mage classes, Wizard and Bard have powerful spells with your arsenal. The Grenadier, Gunslinger and Archer classes form the Cheap Aura Kingdom Gold attack at long range. Players select a class at the beginning of the overall game and, after level 40, could add a gun from another class with their arsenal. The two arms will then be used to deliver powerful combo attacks.

    Aura Kingdom is going to be available to players on the 6th of November. Players may create the closed beta here and grow updated regarding the updates on Facebook and YouTube .