Dean Ayala and Peter Whalen around the Latest Round of Hearthst

  • Blizzard’s Team 5 just announced the important points of a sweeping pair of nerfs coming in 2010 to Hearthstone. Let’s quickly tell you each change and what decks suffer.

    The Paladin spell Call to Arms can cost 5 mana rather then 4. It’s arguably the best card in the Murloc Paladin and Even Paladin (which often is the strongest deck overall right now), which means you change means Call to Cheap Warmane Gold Arms are going to be weaker within the former, and can’t be played at all inside the latter.

    The Warlock minion Possessed Lackey can cost 6 mana as an alternative to 5. Both Cube Warlock and Control Warlock use Possessed Lackey to tug big minions – Voidlords or Doomguards – to the board totally free, that they can then recreate using cards like Carnivorous Cube and Bloodreaver Gul’dan. It’s often played then hit with Dark Pact within the same turn, meaning the opponent isn’t given the opportunity to silence it or switch it. Speaking of Dark Pact…

    The Warlock spell Dark Pact can only heal for 4 as an alternative to 8. As mentioned, this card is needed alongside Possessed Lackey plus the change means Warlock players can’t be as flippant using their health total.

    Spiteful Summoner changes from 6 mana to 7 mana. These days this card is needed in decks that only run 10 cost spells, making sure that it summons one of the Outland Gold handful of incredibly strong 10 drops when it’s played. The most popular – and powerful – archetype is Spiteful Druid.