World of Warcraft and Heroes with the Storm Console Ports, Coul

  • PC to console ports aren't new, and in some cases Blizzard isn't totally safe from the appeal with the console market. When they thought we would port over Diablo III, sales reflected that this desire to see this move being made was indeed there plus high demand. Now that Overwatch has too conquered multiplay platforms, what's next?

    Though Heroes with the Storm comes with a strong following, it's nowhere close to the cult loyalty that may be seen in the World of Warcraft community. Because of this, it's only natural that this curiosity could be there as to if the team from Blizzard would ever be to Warmane Gold for sale port the above beloved franchises.

    During PAX East earlier this week, our friends at DualShockers recently sat down with Blizzard's Daniel Stahl and Matt Villers to go over their prospective titles. With Stahl being the producer for World of Warcraft, he was asked if the WoW port would be also seen on Xbox and PlayStation:

    “You know, World of Warcraft is absolutely designed for Personal Computers, I think. There’d need to be so many different changes we’d need to make to make it a console game… We really wish to continue making World of Warcraft which is right now. We’d must do something entirely different when we wanted to make a move for consoles.”

    Villers, being the lead design for Heroes on the Storm, said something along similar lines, “Our focus is absolutely on PC, it is often from the beginning. There would more likely a lot of changes necessary to make the gameplay develop console. No plans in that regard right this moment.”

    That being said, in the two series - Heroes will be much more doable. Fans of titles like SMITE would take directly to the sandbox game, whereas the World of Warcraft universe is Buy Warmane Gold huge and would feel incomplete on console without every installment. That could be a lot of work considering what number of factions, titles, and expansions switches into all things Warcraft.