Biggest risers and fallers in 'Madden NFL 18' ratings

  • As JuJu Smith-Schuster was sprinting to some Pittsburgh Steelers-record 97-yard touchdown reception a week ago against the Detroit Lions, the rookie receiver kept looking back. There was grounds why: his Madden speed.

    "To tell the truth, the key reason why I kept looking back was due to Madden -- my speed is similar to 82, 83," Smith-Schuster said following game. "So I was like, 'Nah, I think they are going to Madden Mobile Coins for sale catch me. They're going to catch me.' And then next, you already know, I pulled away, and I swerved to the correct, and I surely could get the touchdown."

    It might be the new a player ever used Madden (with the exceptional alleged slow speed inside) to evaluate whether he could outrun a farmer in real life. Madden actually had his speed rating with an 89 -- lots that changed for the first-time this week in the initial 88 -- even so the game is beginning to give the receiver credit as being the midseason point approaches.

    Smith-Schuster started using a 73 overall rating. Now the NFL’s leading rookie receiver in the real world (24 catches and 424 yards) is in 77, that is a little low considering that is in Madden Mobile Coins Cheap front of him. That includes his struggling teammate, Martavis Bryant, recently reinstated Cleveland receiver Josh Gordon along with a gaggle of rookies, including Tennessee's Corey Davis, the Chargers' Mike Williams along with the Rams' Cooper Kupp.