Madden NFL 18: Sports games chase their Friday Night Lights mom

  • Yearly instalments of games depending on FIFA, the NFL, NHL plus much more are usually quite happy with roster changes, graphical upgrades and minor gameplay tweaks.

    But modern times have been a little different. Publishers have already been adding lavishly produced stories to Madden NFL Mobile Coins entice casual fans.

    The latest is Electronic Arts' (EA) Madden NFL 18, out a few days ago. In addition to the expected online and offline matches, it adds a longform story mode called Longshot.

    Devin Wade (J.R. Lemon), together with his childhood friend Colt Cruise (Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter, just as if signalling EA's aspirations that has a single casting choice) were the celebs of their school football team in a tiny town in Texas.

    But after a string of bad college games and emotional turmoil following death of his father (noticed in flashbacks and played by Moonlight's Mahershala Ali), Devin walked from the game and joined the army.

    After returning from your tour in the Middle East, he's plucked by the Madden Mobile Coins Buy reality show called Longshot that frames him being an underdog rookie, dangling the opportunity to be drafted from the NFL before him.