A spoiler-free review of the Madden '18 story mode, Longshot

  • I never expected Madden 18’s new story mode, Longshot, being any good. After all, the Madden series is driven by stats and cerebral strategy, without having room for emotion or off-the-field storytelling. And yet, Longshot manages to get heartfelt, exciting, and moving, even though Cheap Madden Mobile Coins sometimes stumbles in the process.

    Longshot follows your way of fictional character, Devin Wade, as they attempts to arrive at the NFL. Wade’s story begins to be a young child, playing catch regarding his father right in front yard, and continues throughout high school graduation and nfl and college football, NFL combines, reality shows, plus more.

    Along the best way, the friendship between Devin Wade with the exceptional best friend, Colt Cruise, acts because emotional core on the story. Without spoiling anything specific, both deal with heavy issues like loss, fading relevance, missed opportunities, plus more. The interplay between characters feels genuine and longstanding—there’s a history here and it’s palpable. Adding to the realism is Madden Mobile Accounts nor Cruise are perfect, worshipped, shining heroes. Each has their demons, their struggles, in addition to their downsides, and just how that these flaws intermingle breathes life into what may have been a paint-by-the-numbers story.