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  • As for its plan in the years ahead, EA has published some pretty aggressive 2019 expectations, likely hoping that Battlefield V, FIFA 19, Madden NFL 19, and The Sims 4 always rake in money with the company. After all, it’s got a large amount of EA Sports content releasing that year, in addition to Cheap Madden Mobile Coins, Bioware’s Anthem.

    The company’s expectations for Fiscal Year 2019 read:

        Net revenue is anticipated to be approximately $5.600 billion.
            Change in deferred net revenue (online-enabled games) is anticipated to be
            approximately $250 million.
            Mobile platform fees are expected to get approximately ($300) million.
        Net income is anticipated to be approximately $1.108 billion.
        Diluted earnings per share is anticipated to be approximately $3.55.
        Operating cash flow is predicted to be approximately $1.825 billion.
        The Company estimates a share count of 312 million for factors like calculating fiscal
        year 2019 diluted earnings per share.
        Net bookings is anticipated to be approximately $5.550 billion.

    The financial report was coupled with the following commentary:

    “Fiscal 2018 was obviously a year of strong growth and continued transformation for Electronic Arts, even as expanded the reach in our leading franchises like FIFA, Battlefield and The Sims to more players across more platforms and geographies,” said Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson. “In 12 months ahead, we'll expand the concept of play with amazing new experiences and new IP, more competition, and industry-leading subscription programs. There has never been a much more exciting time for being engaging and entertaining global communities.”

    “Electronic Arts had another record year,” said COO and CFO Blake Jorgensen. “Our success is driven incidentally we have changed, and always change, our relationship with players. They want more depth inside their favorite games, and fresh content that will hold their Madden Mobile Accounts. This has made our business considerably more stable and enabled us to produce a dependable and growing income to investors.”