When I heard 5th job of MapleStory

  • I felt the same way lol. When I heard 5th project, I had been thinking Maplestory Mesos would be as groundbreaking as 4th job. I mean, I guess we did get a HUGE energy increase, but it felt like it had been for the wrong motives lol - it had been buffing our 4th occupation abilities. I was hoping it would be similar to the 3rd and 4th job progress, where we got a completely new set of skills. New bossing ability, new mobbing skill, etc.. We did get one new ability, but all (?) Of these are a super-powered-but-cooldown skill, which yeah, which makes it only feel like another hyper : / We are getting another skill soon though, and I noticed there's also more on the way. But it seems like they're all gont be such as busy hyperskills, too.

    I also liked the nodestone system initially. It looked like a chill approach to progress. At length, a slow-but-steady method of raising your damage through training rather than cubing. Made me feel somewhat nostalgic lol. But nodestone prices appeared, and I understood how quickly you can farm them with 2x events, drop gear, and a 2x coupon x_x. Maxed out my main skills super fast and now I am back to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos only being able to acquire damage through cubing...

    Despite all that, I do like 5th job. I mean, it's far better than nothing. It opened up a great deal of boss articles to unfunded players.

    I was thinking it was so we could not just use the ability and swap it out for another node lol. There is also the convenience element. Decent Skills on equips can be used without cooldown, so if you die at a boss, you can merely re-equip and rebuff (or just rebuff if it's already on your primary equip). Whereas the node skill, should you die while it is on cooldown, then you are fighting without it for a while. I favor node abilities over equips though. Cuz I cannot, for the life of me, swap my equipment when there are monsters around. Like, I caught my breath, but the damn thing doesn't begna equip.