Sand Making Machine is Main Machines in Drying Products

  • Sand Making Machine is utilized in drying particular humidity and granularity components, and it truly is widely made use of in dressing ore, developing materials, metallurgy and chemical business. There are numerous varieties of drying products, such as dryer drum, roller dryer, rotary drum dryer and Sand Making Machine. Sand Making Machine features a sturdy adaptability to resources, that may dry distinct elements and function simply, so it truly is commonly utilized in mining sector.

    Sand Making Machine Instruction: Rotary drier is widely applied for drying elements inside the industries of cement, mine, design, chemical, food stuff, compound fertilizer, and so forth. Feeding and discharging unit is put in with thermocouple to control drier temperature. The temperature transform of drier's feeding stop can be indicated through the thermometer to control the inner drier temperature (typically 250-350째C).

    Sand Making Machine Structure: Rotary drier device is principally composed of shell, backwards and forwards supporting wheel, feeding and discharging unit and gear cap. The components which are not during the scope of this device contain firebox, feeding and discharging machines, dust catcher, and so on.

    Sand Making Machine Characteristics: 1. The inside adopts assembled structure that has enhanced the accuracy on the machines and it truly is simple to transport and put in. 2. Adopts assembled hoist board in order to exchange warmth totally and decreased the vitality usage. 3. According for the features of different fertilizers, we now have arranged the 2nd granulation zone fairly in order to enhance the granulation effect. 4. Temperature induction keep track of, uniform vibration and airproof setting, which improves general performance and efficiency successfully.