Digimon film nano hidden waterproof, scratch-secret

  •   solid Trigeminal company Digimon using high-tech nano-surface protective agent, providing services on the film hidden mobile phone users. The new film brings with no side effects is really a different performance experience. First talk Digimon waterproof film nano recessive trick, after solid Trigeminal phone Digimon Masters Online Currency vacuum nano-coating process, a telephone board together with internal surface through the protective film is ordinarily a dense layer of waterproof, water molecules spacer board infringement. Laboratory tests show after Digimon film nano-hidden phone is lost in the water can are six hours without water, no damage. Even more peculiar quite simply may receive incoming calls inside water, but once the waterproof camera, waterproof cameras when deciding to take photos and videos underwater. Digimon nano recessive film in order that the valuation on several hundred dollars quite a few thousand dollars of ordinary cellphone instantly have mobile phone devices don't have the function.
     So Digimon nano recessive film is how to protect the love machine screen not destroy it? After solid Trigeminal phone "Digital baby" vacuum nano-coating process in the mobile phone diamond particles formed within the surface around the protective layer, it increases the surface scratch, anti-wear function, conserve the cooling capacity, can effectively extend the Mobile life. The screen will look like new many years, daily is usually a fresh phone.
     If you believe that only DMO Currency film nano hidden waterproof, scratch-resistant features then you may very well be wrong. As a couple of modern technology Digimon nano recessive film can be performed around the product for multiple super protection, by waterproof, scratch-resistant functions has the benefit of anti-bacterial, anti-pollution, radiation, anti-static, as well as six major functions. It is not any exaggeration to state that the nano recessive film will replace the previous forms of rigid film. Gold silver cup as consumer recommendations, good Digimon nano hidden bad film or will you have a final say, Digimon nano recessive film awaiting you to experience!
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