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  • Last Three DMO Currency Adventure Tri Films Coming to U.S. Theaters Josh Piedra 2017-12-15 Anime & Animation News 0 Comments FacebookTweetGoogle+ Toei Animation announced how the final three Digimon Adventure Tri movies will likely be coming to U.S. theaters. The first film aired in U.S. theaters last year while using second and third films going straight away to DVD. All three films will air in theaters in 2018 using their release schedules as follows: Digimon Adventure Tri: Loss – Thursday, February 1 Digimon Adventure Tri: Coexistence – Thursday, May 10 Digimon Adventure Tri: Future – Thursday, September 20 All three dates state which the movie will air at 7:30pm local time on that day. Each film will even include a recap in the previous movies that can help bring people as much as speed around the story. As far as language goes, there are going to be an English dub version with the movie available likewise. While there exists no synopsis to the fifth and sixth films, MyAnimeList.net lists the tale for Loss as follows: First there seemed to be Meicoomon’s rampage, after which the reboot found themselves happening. Taichi and friends left Meiko behind in her own anguish, and headed for your Digital World. They reunite making use of their partner Digimon Masters Online Currency, who have forfeit all their memories nearly this point. Even so, the DigiDestined choose to reach out and rebuild those bonds, and Digimon respond in kind. The sole exception is Biyomon, that is openly wary even with digivolving to her Rookie stage… “I mentioned, I don’t know anything about ‘the past’!” Sora’s kindness in putting others before herself only makes Biyomon a whole lot more suspicious. This leaves Sora stunned and hurt, and Taichi and Yamato have reached a loss for which to say to her. As everyone discusses the things they should do from here inside Digital World, Meicoomon suddenly appears and vanishes. For some reason she really has her memories, as she wanders around with tears in their eyes, seeking Meiko. Seeing this strengthens your kids’ resolve to travel with the Digital World in order to save lots of Meicoomon. But then before their eyes appears that man who had been together with the Dark Masters. Meanwhile from the real world, Nishijima receives word that Himekawa went missing. As he investigates, he determines that there’s been some hidden agenda behind her behavior nearly this point. It has something connected with an event within the past that determined both their destinies… The adventure now evolves once more… Three promotional posters were also unveiled with the movies which you may see below: About The Author Josh Piedra Josh Piedra Josh (or J.J. as some have started to call him), is often a long-time geek culture enthusiast that has a deep adoration for anime, manga and Japanese culture. Josh has a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and it is a creative writer who may have created original content more than 20 years! He is usually the author from the original English light novel Final Hope. Recent Articles Days Gone‘Days Gone’ Gets Release of February 2019 Sailor Moon SSailor Moon S: The Movie is Coming to U.S. Theaters CastlevaniaCastlevania Animated Series Possibly Receives Third Season amazon-fire-tv-cube-headerAmazon’s Newest Fire TV Is A Cube For Your Living Room Hitman 2Hitman 2 Confirmed by Warner Bros. with Release Date