TERA’s Console Release Goes Live Today

  • Tera Gold has finally arrived on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release continues to be a number of years coming on an MMO which makes sense as being a console offering.
    To compliment the console release, En Masse offers an Item Pass for both the PS4 and Xbox One. This pass provides players through an exclusive item upon purchase and another item around the first Tuesday of every month between your months of May and October — and also a bonus item in October to seal everything out. The pass is simply available for purchase until Monday, April 30th which is guaranteed to deliver players using the following items on the coming months:
        Two mounts
        Two costumes
        One pet
        One weapon skin
        One bonus mystery item
    These backpacks are exclusive to the Pass and can never be for sale any other way.
    PlayStation Plus users buy a bit of any bonus. Starting tomorrow, April 4th, PS+ subscribers is going to be able to grab the PlayStation Plus Pack through the Store free of charge. This will contain:
        Rainie, a frog pet that auto-collects dropped loot for you
        Ocean Blue Shades accessory
        7-day 50% XP Boost
        A pack of five Traveler’s Insurance bundles Cheap Tera Gold which permit immediate access into a merchant, banker, trade broker, or crystal merchant wherever you are from the game.