Not So Massively: Path of Exile’s Ascendancy expansion

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    POE Currency revealed information its upcoming Ascendancy expansion as well as its new procedurally generated labyrinth system soon. Star Citizen also finally released its alpha 2.0 patch on the public test servers and revealed its expected launch date for that patch’s final release. Destiny increased legendary drop rates with Update 2.02 and added some interesting hints at its upcoming refer-a-friend system rewards. Dota 2‘s $3,000,000 Frankfurt Major tournament was won by a critical newcomer from Europe, and one with Cheap POE Currency the losing teams kicked part for leaking game strategies and also other instances of misconduct. And as if you player controlling two characters wasn’t difficult enough within a MOBA, Heroes with the Storm‘s new character Cho’Gall actually allows two players to master one character.
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