A Closer Look at Reign's Costume on 'Supergirl'

  • Earlier now, The CW finally released fans' first examine Reign as she could appear when she turns evil on Supergirl later this holiday season.
    Not way back when, a sizzle reel teaser to the season depicted an alien-looking character with crackling, gray skin -- similar to Reign's comic strip appearance -- and place us to speculating that people may have already had our first take a look at the villain.
    Instead, the version of Reign officially unveiled today plays to The Closers Credits strengths a little more, while using lovely Odette Annable masked and wearing a black leather/spandex costume that appears a bit like Reign's comics garb ultimately still looking very human.
    It makes some sense, considering the fact that what little we all know about Reign up to now is that she actually is definitively a Kryptonian, understanding that she has been able to live without realizing all the for years prior to a surprising event within the season premiere.
    Still, you have to now wonder who that gray-skinned, dark-eyed alien was -- and whether Reign might keep evolve over the season.
    For now, let's take a tour from the photo we have to determine how its measurements are up to expectations and what changes were made.
    3) The crest
    4) It seems like an intentional homage to Zod's costume in Superman II
    5) The mask -- not included from the comics version. Could she you need to be hiding her face because she's a public figure, or perhaps this because the girl with starting to get disfigured, within the road to her eventual comics appearance?
    Supergirl airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.
    The leather armor worn in the cloth from the uniform is reminiscent from the comics.
    The metallic hairpiece worn on the end of her braid is harking back to her long brad within the comics, too, although headpiece that that armor within the comics is fully gone, replaced using a mask (much more about that later) -- and also the metallic bit itself is apsent there (see below).
    The giant, metal shoulderpad on the comics is absent here, replaced using a layered leather armor and leather gauntlets that echo the style and feel of Reign's comics armor without presenting the actress while using impracticality of getting to wear and fight in heavy, metal waste gear -- especially on the one hand.
    It is usually worth noting which the belt inside TV costume looks Cheap Closers Credits nearly the same as both Reign's costume inside the comics and Superman's current belt, post-Rebirth. Here, it really is one with the only bits that has metallic details.
    The fabric choice and knee-high bootss of Reign's costume feel just like a dark reflection of Supergirl.
    With a Kryptonian after which a Daxamite villain, you possibly can argue that Supergirl may be fighting an evil version of herself in each in the first three seasons, but with Reign that feels more literally true, considering the similarities within their costumes.
    Even the cape, which within the comics is white generating of cloth, is a result of Supergirl's here, using a sturdier, leathery look (and black, becuase everything listed here is a shade of black).
    The fabric, seams, and much more all sense that the TV version of Supergirl's costume, rendering it fairly clear (along with all the crest on her behalf chest -- read more about that later) that Reign was created to appear as Supergirl.
    Have you seen that this costume feels somewhat Zod-inspired?
    In both Superman II and Man of Steel, both best-known live-action adaptations with the character, Zod wore a militaristic outfit in straight-up black -- not to mention, in Man of Steel, Zod got a bodysuit much like Superman's, complete having a crest on his chest, but black.
    That's what this is like, a tad: she's Supergirl's costume, but all in black, and displaying black, metallic (and occasionally silver-ish) highlights as well as a crest.
    The crest here seems like the closest thing we obtain to Kryptonian hieroglyphics or some other type of visual language yet.
    Like the House of El's crest (and unlike most others seen inside the TV shows and films), the sigil the following is recognizably a THING -- in such a case, a skull with a few odd detailing.
    So...things know about make than it? We aren't sure...
    The mask wasn't included inside comics version.
    Could she you should be hiding her face because the girl with a public figure, or perhaps this because she's starting being disfigured, within the road to her eventual comics appearance?
    Either way, this is when we get closest thing we've got to the tiara/headpiece from the comics version, although here, the jagged top from it feels more in line while using comics look and/or the gauntlets than everything else.