Shop Update: Dream Wedding

  • Here comes bride! Slip into an ideal outfit on your big day: dress up in your finest that has a finely decorated wedding dress and veil, or impress you sweetheart within an elegant wedding suit. You’ll melt all of your guests’ hearts!
    There can also be some delicious Heart Chocolates that instantly replenish 50% of one's MP, and Heart Candy Canes that restore 4% within your MP per second – for Tera Gold any truly magical celebration.
    The packages are offered until Tuesday, 20th February. Please note that Blusher Veils and Bridal Veils are only able to be worn by female characters.
    To place the cherry about the cake, there’s a 26% discount for the Big Bunny Box until the end with the campaign: obtain a pair of magical wings, an amazing Dreamhopper, or possibly a Mochi Stamp with a bargain price!
    Package: Dream Wedding
        Smart Box: Wedding Fashion
        Ivory White Blusher Veil
        Ivory White Bridal Veil
        50x Heart Chocolate
        50x Heart Candy Cane
    Package: Dyeable Dream Wedding
        Smart Box: Dyeable Wedding Fashion
        Ebony Black Blusher Veil
        Ebony Black Bridal Veil
        Veteran Apothecary Dye
        50x Heart Chocolate
        50x Heart Candy Cane
    The wedding bells Cheap Tera Gold will quickly be ringing in Velika available for you!
    Have fun,
    The TERA Team