TERA’s 6th Anniversary

  • Happy Birthday, TERA: On 3rd May 2018, TERA’s celebrating its 6th birthday in Europe and you’re all invited on the party!
    We’re celebrating its anniversary once more this year, and we’ve got plenty of awesome events in your case. Here’s an idea of what you'll be able to look forward to:
        A costume cooperation together with the popular anime series Attack on Titan along with a monster hunting event
        The new Frostbrand Event: collect fiery and icy fragments and unlock amazing rewards
        The Monkeydrome returns for Tera Gold just a short time, bringing you plenty of apish battlefield action
        Daily components of the calendar amongst gamers and new Astral Gift rewards
        Only within the birthday month of May, you are able to get your hands on the Purple Anniversary Scarf:
            either using the calendar amongst players
            or by redeeming this code within the shop: 6THBDAY
        … and even more!
    You’ll find particularly all events inside respective preview areas.
    Additionally, there’s also the favorite Wings and Club Membership shop offer again in 2010.
    The birthday’s only some of the reason to Buy Tera Gold celebrate, however: in mid-May, patch 68 is bringing two new dungeons on the game along with all the new substitute for equip hides.
    We want to thank you, our loyal players, for 6 fantastic several wish everyone lots more fun in Arborea!