Tell you how Soulworker Beta Programme is going

  • HTML5 beta testing has two weeks, so we'd like to talk about it now, and talk about our plan in the next few weeks. Even in such an early test, testers reply is also useful for us. More than 100000 times on the first day of the HTML5 client-side login. They have also submitted the thousands of error reports in Soul Worker Dzenai, we have collected a large amount of data about lag and frame rate. Used to improve the stability and the client's performance, it will be very valuable.  
    Using HTML5 and WebGL emerging technology to work for us are exciting, but also a little nerve-racking! Was the first browser game Soulworker, its size and complexity, using this technology, although we are proud of is a pioneer in this field, it also makes the development becomes a real challenge. We really appreciate your help to us.  
    At the moment, we are focused on a fixed crash and other serious problems for Soulworker. We expect to see again after two weeks, the most serious mistakes will be repaired, you can have a more stable client to test. Correction is often release, so if you open Beta, is worth you to pay attention to the Mod Chris' E 's HTML5 Beta patch in Beta feedback and discussion BBS thread.  If you want to find more Soulworker Dzenai info, you may like to go to