Soulworker Strongarm and Arcane Teleports

  • To coincide with your skill animation package, released a week ago, plus today's huge traffic updates of honor, I provde the Strongarm and Arcane Teleports.  Strongarm teleport - you may expect - utilisation of the power of pure, rsinging weighty hammer rotating of track and field are you experiencing enough strength to Soul Worker Dzenai in one place to another. Practice of magic you could prefer the more subtle magic blinking. Summon the rune platform along with a spiral stair climbing, across space, the destination which you decide on.  Animation animation sets and also the corresponding skills can from my shop now, so donrrrt decline early at your convenience. If you want to purchase additional Soulworkergold, you can accomplish it, inside my web site, go through the Buy Soul Worker Dzenai. Don't forget, I would like all members use a discount. Until the very next time.