Path of Exile Gameplay and Controls

  • Although Diablo III, Victor Vran, and Vikings: Wolves of Midgard all share fairly similar control setups, Grinding Gear Games made a decision to differentiate the combat controls a little with Path of Exile.

    Instead of your single hot-bar with skills allotted to every button, the diamond-shaped hot-bar here's located inside the lower-right corner from the screen, by having an attack or POE Currency skill used on each face button. By holding Right Trigger, players can access an extra set of skills. Thus you obtain access to eight skills using only the face buttons then one trigger, freeing up additional three buttons for other tasks.

    Potions that restore health insurance provide other benefits are allotted to both bumper buttons and three directions for the D-Pad, providing quick entry to five total items. Down for the D-Pad toggles the map overlay, facilitating navigation of Path of Exile's tremendous randomly-generated environments.

    Inventory management is an additional area through which Path of Exile's developers deviated through the standard Diablo template. Every part of loot you acquire occupies varying degrees of Cheap POE Orbs space inside your bag. To carry numerous possible things simultaneously, you should move items around and squeeze everything in the allotted spaces. The aim would be to create a a sense weight and value for the loot.