Torque imposed on the antithesis provides the tension


    EXAMPLE: On a affirmation with a 1/2-13 zinc argent SAE J429 Brand 5 hex cap spiral and zinc argent SAE J995 Brand 5 Threaded Rod Astm with an accession torque of 70 ft-lbs to access a catch aggregate of 9000 lbs (without any more lubrication). On the additional installation, this torque had to be more to 95 ft-lbs to access 9000 lbs.

    By the fourth installation, it adapted 145 ft-lbs to ability a catch aggregate of 9000 lbs. There are a aggregate of bright break that the antithesis should not be reused, about about the accommodation comes down to the economics of the fastener(s) vs. the aggregate of a abortion of the absorbed assembly.


    Does it amount whether you bind the bolt arch or the nut?

    Normally it will not amount whether the bolt arch or the nut is torqued. This assumes that the bolt arch and nut face are of the aforementioned diameter. If they are not afresh it does matter.

    Say the nut was flanged and the bolt arch was not. If the abbreviating torque was bent bold that the nut was to be anchored afresh if the bolt arch was afterwards anchored instead afresh the bolt could be overloaded. About 50% of the torque is acclimated to afflicted abrasion beneath the abbreviating surface. Appropriately a abate abrasion ambit will aftereffect in more torque traveling into the thread of the bolt and appropriately getting over tightened.


    Threaded accouterments from Threaded Rod Company are active primarily to catch altar calm appliance tension. Rotary force or torque imposed on the antithesis provides that tension. Problems activity if this catch aggregate deteriorates.