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  • Palestinian protestors burn mock metal detectors during a demonstration in front of Israeli watch-tower at the main entrance of the West Bank city of Bethlehem on July 23 Kendall Wright Vikings Jersey , 2017. The recent Israeli measures led to new tensions in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that has lasted for decades, since the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and the Western-backed creation of Israel in 1948. (XinhuaLuay Sababa)

    Weekly choices of Xinhua photo (July 16 - July 23)

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    ZHENGZHOU, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- It's getting cold, but villagers in the remote Xihecun Village in central China are still busy catering to tourists.

    "The old houses have become family inns where homeowners open their doors to short-term lodgers, and villagers have become tour guides Kirk Cousins Vikings Jersey ," said Zhang Yimou, a tourism official from the village in Xinxian County, Henan Province.

    "Our agricultural products have also become hot commodities," he said.

    In the past three years alone, 106 of 118 previously impoverished families have been lifted out of poverty, and the rest are expected to do so by the end of this year Mike Remmers Vikings Jersey , according to official figures.

    Xihecun has more than 800 years of history, and boasts distinctive brick architecture. A stream meanders through the village, and hundred-year-old trees line the village roads. It has been named one of the most beautiful villages in Henan.

    But tucked away deep in the mountains, the village's economic development has been nothing but slow. In 2014, 410 out of 1,222 registered residents still lived under the national poverty line. Even the buildings had an air of desolation.

    "Life was really tough in the past Brian O'Neill Vikings Jersey ," villager Zhang Sizhong said. "Back in 2004, my wife and I had to work in Shanghai to repay our debt and support our child's education."

    The couple made about 800 yuan (121 U.S. dollars) per month at that time, and each of his family members spent just 4 yuan on food every day.

    Beginning in 2013, the local government decided to boost the village economy through tourism.

    "Top design experts from the prestigious Tsinghua University and China Academy of Fine Arts were invited to renovate and transform the old buildings, and the overall layout of the village," Zhang Yimou said.

    A rural cooperative was also formed to help transfer the collective land to develop modern agriculture with organic rice paddies and traditional Chinese medicine. A tea garden was also created for tourists Mike Hughes Vikings Jersey , according to Zhang Yimou.

    More than 360 hectares of land has been transferred, according to a report on web portal Sohu. So far, a variety of unique hotels have sprung up, including some with transparent glass roofs where visitors can see the sky at night, and others made of containers.

    "We also introduce tourists to traditional techniques like oil-making, and spinning and weaving Sheldon Richardson Jersey ," the official said.

    Zhang Sizhong opened his own family inn in 2015, and his business is booming,

    "On the busiest day, we had about 16 tables of tourists," he said. "We employ six staff, but on that day we were still short of hands."

    In the past four years Trevor Siemian Jersey , the village attracted more than one million visitors, generating a revenue of more than 30 million yuan. About 1,200 locals work in the tourism industry, and their average annual salary per capita increased by about 6,000 yuan.

    "I am confident that with proper planning, rural areas can have great futures Kendall Wright Jersey ," Zhang Yimou said.

    Since the start of the reform and opening up, China has lifted more than 700 million people out of poverty.

    China has lifted more than 60 million people out of poverty in the past five years, with the poverty rate dropping from 10.2 percent to less than 4 percent.

    China has set 2020 as the target year to finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and eradicate absolute poverty in rural areas.

    Bob Newhart will return to The Big Bang Theory this season to reprise his Emmy-winning role of Arthur JeffriesProfessor Proton.

    Big Bang showrunner Steve Holland hinted in an interview Monday with Deadline that “a comedy legend” might be returning to show, and that now is confirmed. Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) very own Obi-Wan returns to him in another time of need.

    Newhart will appear in the November 2 episode of The Big Bang Theory. The episode has not yet filmed and there are no further details yet. Wil Wheaton also will reprise his role in the episode as Sheldon’s on-againoff-again nemesis.

    Newhart won his first Emmy for the guest role in 2013.

    The Big Bang Theory airs at 8 PM Mondays on CBS before moving to its regular 8 PM Thursdays slot on November 2.

    " The 2014 Beijing International Film Music Festival made its debut in Beijing on Dec 4.

    The First Beijing International Film Music Festival was kicked off at Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing last week offered veteran film music composers, singers and scholars from China and the US the chance to share knowledge and current developments of the film-music industry.

    The festival was co-organized by the Central Conservatory of Music, CCTV Movie Channel and universities from the United States - including the University of Southern California Kirk Cousins Jersey , UCLA and New York University.

    Chinese singer Li Guyi, 70, who has performed over 100 songs for films since the 1960s, said that film music . Andre-Pierre Gignac France Jersey   Danny Welbeck England Jersey   Cheap Croatia Jerseys   Andres Felipe Roa Colombia Jersey   Hulk Brazil Jersey   Eden Hazard Belgium Jersey   Wholesale Uruguay Soccer Jerseys   Cheap Switzerland Soccer Jerseys   Cheap Sweden Soccer Jerseys   Wholesale Baltimore Orioles Jerseys