Week 7 Fortnite Challenges Guide: Hidden Gnome Locations, Retai

  • A new pair of Fortnite challenges means a fresh batch of optional objectives to accomplish in Battle Royale, provided you have the Battle Pass. Week 7 challenges include two especially that will demand either some legwork on your behalf or a help guide specific locations--and that is where we also come in.
    The first these trickier challenges asks one to follow the treasure map within Retail Row, a thing that is defined as a "Hard" objective (meaning you have 10 Battle Stars for Fortnite Skins completing it). This works identically along with other treasure map challenges: You hunt down a atlas randomly located inside the stated area, and it also directs someone to another location about the map, that you have to collect a specific thing. However, once you discover where to go, it is possible to skip the treasure map altogether and go directly for the treasure location.
    For Week 7, this means going for the Wailing Woods. If you look for the map, you can see a part of computer that is less densely populated with trees, that's home with a hedge maze. Navigate to your southwestern corner, and you will find the treasure hidden within a dead end. Walk up and activate it (by holding the identical button or key you'd use to open up a chest), plus the challenge is complete.
    More time-consuming will be the challenge that wants someone to search the Hidden Gnome in various named locations. You'll have to find a total of seven of those gnomes, although you thankfully need not do all in this in 1 match. There are far a lot more than seven gnomes around the map, so you won't necessarily have to head over to specific locations to do that. Anywhere the thing is a name within the map--Retail Row, Loot Lake, Tilted Towers, et al--you can find a gnome hiding inside of an building.
    As with all the treasure, you will need to hold submit or key (again, the identical as opening a chest) to "search" a gnome once you discover one. In some cases, for instance the one out of Junk Junction, you may have to destroy some on the surrounding objects so that you can easily hop on. Others might be searched without physically seeing it, as may be the case with one hiding within a bathroom stall in Greasy Grove. We've assembled the map below and verified it with locations discovered by Reddit user thesquatingdog that will help you identify the locations that you can discover a gnome.
    Check out our complete guide with the remainder of Week 7's challenges. They primarily handle doing things in specific locations or getting access for the right varieties of weapons (shotguns and suppressed weapons, within the case of recently). It's also not too far gone to turn back and complete those from previous weeks; Battle Pass owners have the all April to end all of Season 3's Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges. Earn the Battle Stars for completing challenges, therefore you'll more speedily level inside the Battle Pass and earn its various rewards. Furthermore, if you would like to Buy Fortnite Items, visit the site MMOAH enjoying best service!