World of Warcraft patch 5.3 will introduce in-game troubleshoot

  • World of Warcraft’s 5.3 patch is going being?doing over just giving spectacles to all the overall game’s pets, it’s also going to generate troubleshooting tons of easier: Blizzard are in work on a whole new in-game web browser that could allow that you search through their bug database, looking for Warmane Outland Gold support threads tightly related to your problem.
    While this isn't always news that can bring the crowds at Grand Central Station with a standstill if bellowed out using a passing town crier but, being a user-friendly update to your game, it’s a pleasant little addition. One which, hopefully, a great many other developers will tend to implement - it simply seems sensible.
    The new browser, which cannot be employed to access pages away from Blizzard’s support database, was announced by using a post the action’s site: “We’re adding a feature-limited browser to World of Warcraft that may replace the in-game support system using a direct portal for the Support site. Our aim is to provide players in-game easy usage of the site’s robust knowledge base and support contact system.”Cheers, WoWHead. Have fun in shopping on MMOAH. Players can buy cheap and safe Warmane Gold from MMOAH, fast delivery, all-weather online.