Why World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor's garrisons aren't f

  • Warlords of Draenor’s most visible feature since uncloaking at BlizzCon may be its garrisons - not merely thanks for the articles that’ve been written around the subject, and also their sheer physical size.“In standard player housing models, you decorate your lounge and you place a couch plus a table,” explained lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas. “Well, this can be Warcraft - you will be making a base, you don’t create a house.”Despite their dock-off design, though, guilds shouldn’t expect their garrisons to Buy Warmane Gold accommodate all in their friends. The WoW dev team designed a conscious replacement for hand the deeds to solo players instead.              
    “That was one in our earliest discussions,” said game director Tom Chilton in the WoW Source interview. “Is this someone thing or perhaps is it a guild thing? And we really very deliberately drove it towards being mostly someone thing - although we're being very conscious to integrate multiplayer components.”Blizzard worried that guild leaders and senior members would “take ownership” of garrisons and “pretty much hog every one of the fun”.
    “You’d possess the guild master using a great time playing master in the kingdom for your garrison, and all the others would just be visible on occasion and say, ‘Oh, just what does our base appear to be? That’s nice’,” said Chilton. “But how much personal enjoyment and interaction you as someone player get out from the system may possibly be pretty small.”
    For that reason, the dev team made a decision to build a garrison system for example before integrating its multiplayer components. But they haven’t ruled out the potential for guild bases from the swirling vaguery of The Future.
    “Eventually as time passes I can see it growing in a guild thing,” concluded Chilton. “But in the event it foundation is individual, then I feel as if the gameplay is going to be there for every individual and it won’t you should be the kind of thing that’s there for your guild master. As much as the guild master may wish for that.”
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